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Incense Sticks Refill

Incense Sticks Refill

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Our Oud incense sticks refill box by Sarai Home. Bambooless and no coal required. Luxuriously packed in our matt black box. Burner/holder not included. 

Fragrance notes


A deep blend of sensual oud with warm intense notes of patchouli and sandalwood, supported by subtle notes of rose and buxom jasmine that transform the atmosphere


Intriguing aroma composed of elemi, neroli & patchouli with evocative jasmine and a deeply memorable oud combined with notes of woody musk, cedar and amber


A luxurious oriental oud blend which serenades with notes of rose accentuated with patchouli, jasmine, cypress and light citrus


A warm dense fragrance that is a regal blend of lavish oud, placed against a backdrop of succulent coconut flakes, cedar, tonka and amber, whilst tussles of night blooming jasmin bloom under a middle eastern sky


Where east meets west. Waxy english rose buds depicted with tart berry, saffron and geranium which lie on a luscious base of lavish oud, patchouli and jasmine


An intense smokey oud, with tendrils of burning incense & a sweet spicy, resinous undertone created from creamy sandalwood, pink peppercorns, leather and sparkling musks

Contents & Instructions


20 sticks


Light the end of the stick, let the flame burn for approx 30 seconds before blowing out, then blow on the ember until glowing red hot. Place in the heart of your home allowing the fragrance to disperse. Burn time 40-45 mins approx for each stick, scent longevity of 2-4 hours (in a medium sized room). Keep away from children and pets, burn in a ventilated area away from draughts. Do not leave unattended.

Hand made in England

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