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Royale Candle

Royale Candle

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The ROYALÉ, a warm dense fragrance that is a regal blend of lavish oud, placed against a backdrop of succulent coconut flakes, cedar, tonka and amber, whilst tussels of night blooming jasmin bloom under a middle eastern sky. Add a gift bag

to complete to your gift.

Optimum performance

  • For optimum performance of your oud scented candle, burn candle for at least 3 hours the first time. Trim the wick up to a length of 1cm before every use. Place candle on heatproof mat and sit back and enjoy your luxury home fragrance.
  •  Approximate burn time: 50 hours. Size: 220g/7.76oz


Never leave candles burning unsupervised. Use the candles at your own risk. Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Burn on a heat proof surface.

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